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Spira Pedagogen HT2018

Spira Pedagogen HT2018 is the fair for students of the Faculty Pedagogen at the University of Gothenburg. What does Spira means in Swedish? It is “to grow”, and the fair is about growing – growing professionally and as a person, and also the growing of a company.

Usually the fair takes place during the spring, same as the other Spira fairs at the university. But this time we wanted to try something new and have an autumn-edition of the fair. We hope that many students will visit house B at Pedagogen the 30th of October and we hope to see a lot of the new students there.

The fair is about inspiration. Find out which opportunities you have after your qualification, or find an interesting part-time job or a summer job. For the companies this is a great opportunity to get in contact with the future labour. The goal is to have a nice day together and that you will be inspired, no matter who you are or what you are looking for.

Visit the fair, before or after your lectures, during the lunch break or if you have a day of – visit it anyway! Meet companies and get motivated for your future job. We will give out goodiebags and coffee etc so you will leave the fair with more experience and merchandise. Doesn't that sound nice?

The project team is looking forward to Spira Pedagogen HT2018 and we are sure that it will be a fun and inspiring day for both students and companies.

So make sure you book the 30th of October in your calendar and we’ll see you then!

You’re more than welcome to contact us at spira.pedagogen@gota.gu.se if you have any questions.